Why is our food grain free and what does this actually mean? 

All of our recipes are grain and wheat free for a number of reasons. Firstly, dogs do not actually need grains in their diet, their ancestors would never have foraged for grains and wheat in the wild and therefore never needed the ability to digest them. They would, however, have occasionally foraged for fruits and vegetables which contained antioxidants and vitamins they may have been lacking. We believe that the main ingredients in a good dog food should be meat, and that is why our recipes contain fresh, responsibly sourced meat, and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Leaving out the unnecessary grains leaves more room for the important ingredients. 

Also, grains can be a common allergy source for many dogs and can cause tummy sensitivities and itchy skin. This is a major reason as to why we do not include grains in our food, as it ensures that our recipes are hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion or skin. Allowing your dog to have a grain free diet can help to improve their overall condition such as a healthier, glossier coat, smaller stools and less gas, better skin and fewer allergies, and better breath and dental health. This is mostly because the absence of grains leaves more space for better, more nutritious and natural ingredients which will provide great, wholesome nutrition and ensure your dog maintains good health and body condition. 

  • DRY

    Our range of dry dog food is manufactured in the UK and is an incredibly high-quality, grain-free and complete diet for dogs of all life stages. Our incredibly tasty varieties of dry food are packed with vital nutrients that are essential for maintaining great overall health.

  • RAW

    Our raw dog food range has been specially formulated to provide natural, wholesome nutrition for your dog by using fresh, quality ingredients that provide essential minerals and vitamins. Our raw food uses human graded fresh meat, and it is manufactured in the UK.