Why choose to subscribe with Vale?

  • Personalised Plans

    Every dog is different, which is why you can tweak your subscription to include the healthy, nutritious products that your dog loves. 

  • Great savings

    Starting a subscription with Vale means that you will save an initial 20% off your first order (sub20 at checkout), and 5% off all subsequent orders. 

  • Speedy delivery

    All of our UK subscribers will benefit from quick, trackable and reliable delivery. 

  • Easy to amend

    Easily amend your subscription if you run out sooner than expected or simply want to try a different product!

  • You control your subscription

    Subscribing with Vale is the perfect way to receive the products your dog loves at a great price and without the hassle. However, if you have changed your mind you can easily cancel at any time. You are in control.

  • Healthy and wholesome

    A natural, nutritious diet is vital for your dog to live a long and healthy life. Subscribing with Vale means wholesome canine nutrition straight to your door whenever you need it.


  • DRY

    Our range of dry dog food is manufactured in the UK and is an incredibly high-quality, grain-free and complete diet for dogs of all life stages. Our incredibly tasty varieties of dry food are packed with vital nutrients that are essential for maintaining great overall health.

  • RAW

    Our raw dog food range has been specially formulated to provide natural, wholesome nutrition for your dog by using fresh, quality ingredients that provide essential minerals and vitamins. Our raw food uses human graded fresh meat, and it is manufactured in the UK.


Subscription FAQ’s

How do I create a subscription?

Starting a subscription is easy, just find the product(s) you want to subscribe to and click ‘Subscribe and Save 5%’. You will have the option to choose the frequency of deliveries using the drop-down menu underneath, and if subscribing to dry food/treats, you can choose the bag size/treat quantity too.

Can I add or remove products from my subscription?

Yes absolutely, you can amend your subscription easily through your account.

Can I request my delivery sooner if I have run out?

Yes you can, just log into your account, view your subscription and change your delivery date to the next closest available date.

Can I pause or freeze my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your subscription through your account on our website. However, if you don’t need your next delivery so soon, you can push the date back too if you wish.

Is there a fee to cancel my subscription?

No not at all, you can easily cancel your subscription for free at any time. However, if there is anything we can help with first before you cancel, then please do contact us. A member of the team would be more than happy to help.

How are subscriptions charged?

Your subscription is billed at the frequency you have chosen for deliveries. There are several payment options available at checkout.

Is there a minimum order amount to start a subscription?

No there is no minimum order amount, and you can completely customise your subscription with whichever products your dog loves the best.

Do subscriptions run for a set amount of time?

Once a subscription is set up, it will run indefinitely until it is paused or cancelled by the customer.

Can I set up an order for raw food?

Yes you can. The options for raw food subscriptions include single or 8kg boxes of each flavour. If you wish to subscribe to both dry and raw food, then your deliveries will be dispatched separately.