General FAQ

How do you ensure that your food is suitable for dogs of all life stages? 

 We label our food as suitable for dogs of all life stages due to the fact that it contains a higher protein content than other brands, and therefore can support the growth and development of puppies as well as adult dogs. For information on how to feed your puppy or dog our food, please refer to our feeding guides.

Why is Vale more expensive than other brands?

Here at Vale, we manufacture our food in the UK and ensure to use only the highest quality ingredients in our recipes. It is because of this that our food costs a bit more to make than other commercial brands, and you can rest assured knowing that your dog is getting healthy, wholesome nutrition.

Why is Vale grain-free?

Dog’s do not naturally need grains in their diet, and many dogs have actually developed allergies and intolerances to some grains and wheat. By not including grains in our recipes, we have made our food inclusive and suitable for all dogs, due to being hypoallergenic.

Is Vale suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies?

Yes. Our food is hypoallergenic which means it is suitable for sensitive dogs.

How many times per day should I feed my adult dog?

Feeding two meals per day should be enough. Puppies will need feeding smaller meals more often. We also recommend that you feed your dog/puppy at the same times every day. Refer to our feeding guides for more information.

Where is your food made?

All of our food and treats are manufactured here in the UK, and we are proud to back British farmers.

Are you defra approved?

Yes, all of our food is made in defra APPROVED facilities.

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are microorganisms that live in the gut and help to support digestion by breaking down food in the digestive tract. We have added probiotics in the form of Enterococcus Faecium in our recipes in order to aid digestion and keep your dog healthy. Some of our other fibre-rich ingredients also contain prebiotics which act as a food source for the probiotics. Not many other dog food brands contain added probiotics, which is why we stand out from the rest.

Can I mix Vale’s dry food with raw?

It is not advised to mix raw food with dry food as it isn't the optimal way of feeding.

Is your food suitable for senior dogs?

Yes, we have included ingredients in our recipes that provide support for older dogs. For instance, we have added Salmon oil which contains good amounts of Omega-3 and 6, and we have added Glucosamine and Chondroitin which have been proven to support and maintain joint health.

Is your food a complete and balanced diet?

Yes, our food contains all of the nutrients needed to provide a diet for your dog that is complete and balanced.

Is your food completely gluten-free?

Our food is grain and wheat-free, and we do not use any gluten-containing beans or pulses, so technically our food is gluten-free. However, there is no guarantee that traces of gluten do not enter the food during manufacturing. We would advise consulting advice from your vet before feeding Vale if your pet has a severe gluten allergy.

Is your dry food suitable for cats?

Unfortunately, our dry food is not suitable for cats as cats have slightly different dietary needs compared to dogs, such as higher levels of Taurine.

What does biologically-appropriate mean?

Over the years, commercial pet food brands have swayed further and further away from the diet that dogs should actually be eating. We believe that domestic dogs should be given a diet that represents what their wild counterparts would eat. This would consist of ‘biologically-appropriate’ foods such as fresh meat, beans, fruits and vegetables to name a few. Not grains, wheat or cereals. That is why we have included only the best, high quality ingredients in our recipes that deliver the correct nutrition to your dog.

Isn’t dry food bad for dogs?

For many years, commercial pet food brands have loaded their dry food recipes with artificial additives, cereals and unhealthy meat meal fillers. It is because of this that unfortunately people now believe that dry food is the problem, when actually, it is the ingredients. It is totally possible to create a highly nutritious diet for dogs that is in a dry (kibble) form, and that is exactly what we have done!

Is your food breed-specific?

No, our food is suitable for all breeds of dogs

My dog has itchy, sensitive skin, is your food suitable?

Yes, our food is hypoallergic and contains coconut oil which is fantastic for moisturising the skin and soothing itchiness.


How much raw should I feed my dog?

Adult dogs should consume 2-3% of their body weight in raw food per day, either as one or two meals. Puppies require around 5-6% of their body weight split into more frequent meals.

What are the benefits of raw food?

There are a whole host of benefits to feeding your dog raw food. For example, you can expect to notice a glossy, healthier coat, less scratching, smaller and firmer stools, and improved breath and teeth, just to name a few.

How do I transition my dog onto raw food?

The easiest way to transition your dog onto raw food is by skipping their evening meal and start on raw straight away the next morning. You should not mix raw food into their kibble meal as they have different digestion rates and it could cause stomach problems. If you want a gradual transition, then introduce the raw as treats between mealtimes and slowly increase the amount and frequency of treats given. Refer to our ‘Changing your dog’s food?’ information page for more details.

Can I feed raw bones?

Yes! Raw bones are great to give to your dog as they are still relatively soft and easy to chew. Raw bones provide an immense amount of nutrients and also improve dental health. Be careful not to feed too much bone though as it could cause constipation.

Can I feed cooked bones?

No. Cooked bones should never be given to dogs as the cooking process hardens the bones which could splinter and cause internal damage.

Is your raw food complete and balanced?

Yes, we have included four options that have an 80:10:10 ratio of meat, offal, and bone, which are all completely balanced and nutritional diets. We have also included a 50:50 chicken carcass and lamb, and a boneless option as well.

My dog is drinking less water since changing to a raw diet, should I be worried?

Drinking less water on a raw diet is totally normal so do not panic. This is because raw food has a very high moisture content compared to kibble, and so your dog is getting most of their water intake from their food. If you are worried about them though, it is still best to go for a check-up at the vets.

My vet said not to feed raw as it is bad for dogs?

A raw diet is arguably one of the best diets for dogs and there is plenty of research to back this up. Vets are not nutritionists and they are often misled when it comes to canine nutritional knowledge.

What if my dog doesn’t like raw food?

Some dogs might not take to raw food straight away, but with a little perseverance they will learn to love it. Try feeding small amounts at first and see if they eat it, if they do then offer a little more. You can also try warming it up slightly to make it more palatable. If all else fails you can try mixing in some of their favourite treats to entice them, but don’t make a habit of it as they will learn to only eat if there are treats mixed in!

Is your raw food grain-free?

Yes, all of our raw food varieties are grain and wheat free.

Do you put any fruits or vegetables in your raw food?

No, at the moment we have not included any fruits or vegetables in our recipes. However, you make add safe fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet every now and then if you wish.

Should I add supplements to my dog’s raw diet?

No, you shouldn’t need to add supplements as a raw diet usually contains everything a normal adult dog needs to stay healthy. However, some dogs may have conditions that require certain supplements. Speak to your vet for advice if your dog has any medical conditions.


How long is delivery?

Orders before 12 noon are next working day delivery. We do not ship raw orders out on a Friday so any orders placed after 12 noon on a Thursday will be shipped the following Monday.

How much is the charge for delivery?

Delivery is FREE on ALL orders over £29. A delivery charge of £5 for anything less.

Is there a minimum order spend for free delivery?

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Where is my nearest stockist?

We are working hard to secure stockists throughout the UK and will update customers when we have secured options. To make sure you don't miss out on these updates subscribe to our newsletter below.

Do you offer samples?

We offer samples please email us on

Can I track my delivery?

Normally orders will be shipped via DPD and you will receive a 1hr time slot for delivery