Vale Pet Foods: safe and unsafe foods

As you probably already know, there are several foods that are unsafe to give to dogs, and it is important to ensure that anything not meant for dogs is well out of reach, especially whilst you are out of the house. You can do this by making sure any food is kept well away from surface edges in order to prevent the risk of them jumping up and reaching it.

With the festive season approaching, there are more foods becoming available in shops containing ingredients that are toxic to dogs, and it is therefore important to know which ones are dangerous.

Below is a list of common foods to be aware of that are toxic to dogs:

Onions, Garlic and Chives

Foods that are part of the onion family can cause cell damage and gastrointestinal issues if consumed in a raw or cooked state. Symptoms can take a couple of days to become apparent.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and Raisins are extremely dangerous to dogs as they can cause severe liver and kidney damage if ingested. Raisins are a popular ingredient in foods around Christmas time such as Christmas cake and pudding, so it is important that to keep any Grapes and Raisins in a location that your dog cannot get to.


Dogs should never be allowed to consume alcohol as it can not only cause intoxication, but it can also damage the central nervous system and cause sickness and diarrhoea.


Chocolate is extremely popular during Christmas and is usually lying about in selection boxes and advent calendars in many households. However, if ingested in large amounts by a dog, it can cause kidney failure due to the active ingredient Theobromine. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous to dogs, but they should not have access to any chocolate whatsoever.

Vale Pet Foods: safe and unsafe foodsVale Pet Foods: safe and unsafe foods
Vale Pet Foods: safe and unsafe foods

Artificial sweetener (Xylitol)

Many sugar-free products have the sugar replaced with Xylitol. If ingested, it can cause internal problems that are linked to liver failure in dogs. Some brands of peanut butter also contain Xylitol so always check the ingredients before giving as a treat.

Macadamia nuts

These nuts should never be eaten by dogs as they contain a toxin that can cause weakness, swollen limbs and nervous system damage.


You should never give your dog avocado as it can result in sickness and diarrhoea due to the active ingredient Persin. 

What should I do if my dog has eaten a poisonous food?

If you believe your dog has eaten any foods that are toxic, even if they are not displaying symptoms yet, it is extremely important to take them to the vets as soon as possible to be examined and treated.

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