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Dried Sprats Dog Treats

Dried Sprats Dog Treats

Small, crunchy and delicious, these natural, grain-free treats are a perfect healthy option for training or for use on-the-go.

Suitable for all dogs 8 weeks and over

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Our whole dried Sprats are a fantastic healthy treat to your dog’s diet. They are super tasty and crunchy, small in size and also a great natural source of essential omega fatty acids which are vital for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and glossy coat. Our dried Sprats are ideal for DIY raw feeders, or for those who already feed our completes, but want to provide an extra nutrient boost every so often in their dog’s meals or as a treat every now and then.


100% Whole Sprat

Nutritional Anaylsis

Crude Protein 50% Crude Fat 38% Crude Ash 1% Moisture 7%

Feeding Guide

This complementary feed can be given responsibly anytime as a treat or reward.

Delivery Information

Crude Protein 50%
Crude Fat 38%
Crude Ash 1%
Moisture 7%

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This calculator should be used as a guide and should be adapted to account for age and activity level of the individual dog. The amounts below are what should be fed per day.